Why Fortnite is dying.

This blog will be about how a popular game is getting boring. So the first thing everyone who is a good fortnite player is staying that skill based matchmaking is ruining the game. They say that becasue everyone they go against is playing that game 24/7. Which is really annoying for them.

Fortnite Interactive Map - LootLake.info

The second reason the game is dying is because of the current map. This map has no good places to land. All the new POI’s are horrible. The only good place to land is Pleasant Park. If they brought back the old map all the og players will like it. Also more weapons would be good.

Fortnite fans think this detail means a return to the Chapter 1 ...

The last reason why this game is dying because there is a lot of competition of other games. Meaning that valiant and Call of duty war zone is taking players from fortnite to their games. The games also pays players who play fortnite to come and play their game.

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