(Student Writer) Back To School

Are you ready for school? – Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta, GA

Most of the schools in the world are on digital space. Meaning we are at home studying. We can not go to school because it’s not safe. So are back to school is scuffed. It feels weird that our school is on a computer but this is reality.

Back-to-School During COVID Survey Results - Chicago Parent

So back to school is not that hard. Nothing really changed since last year. Its not confusing either. For me at least. What I think is that for older teachers it could be hard. I also think that this type of school will not effect that may student’s grades. Rules will mostly likely change for classrooms. But only some.

I feel like I will do go this year. I just need to pay attention. And if I don’t understand, I should ask my teachers for help.

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