Why Fortnite?

So the season for Fortnite was suppose to end in a few days. But for some reason, they have diced to emend it to June 11. That is a whole week. Like what is the point. What could they possibly need for a whole week.

People on twitter are really mad at Fortnite for doing that. The reason everyone is so mad is because they already extended the season for almost two months. So people are really eager to see the new season theme and the map.

Well the reason I think they are doing this is to fix something for the event that is going to happen in a week or so. I think that extending the season is really annoying especially if you have been playing since day 1 of the new chapter.

And that is going to be it for this blog post.

What happened to Fortnite ?

This blog will be about what happened to fortnite. So Epic games recently decided to added more Ai bots into battle royale for people who are not that good. But they have been added to people who are really good at the game.

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So Sypherpk a content creator who is really good at the game caught on to this. He got a type of app that allows him to see how many real players they are in the game. To surprise there was only 11 real players. Meaning there were 89 Ai bots. Then other you tubers/streamers started to see that there were more bots then real players, So they removed skill based match making for the most of the lobby being Ai bots.

SypherPK Face Reveal - YouTube

But this was like last week, but now they have added SBMM and reduced the Ai bots. Now Sypherpk who started this is getting the blame for it. I don’t think that is right because he was just trying to make the game more fun with real players.

Apex season 5 trailer has been released !!!!!

This morning Apex released they’re new season 5 laugh trailer. The official release for the son will bee may 15. So about in 10 days. The new legend is the little girl from the last season if you did not catch on already. She wants revenge from relevant becasue he killed both of her parents. No one knows why relavent killed her parents but it might be something big.

Apex Legends™ Season 5 – Fortune's Favor

So the new season character is called lobe. It looks like her ability is that she can teleport. I don’t know if that will be the main ability but it looks like it will be a side ability. I don’t know much about this season becasue they only released the trailer so this is a short blog.

NRG Unknown sets a world record for Fortnite

Nrg Unknown is the newest recruiter to NRG esports. He is known for being a hybrid player. Meaning he can play fortnite on controller or mouse and keyboard. And recently on the new torment he set a record for most points in any tournament. The record he is holding is 220.

Unknown Army Fortnite Settings & Setup (Updated 2020) - FortSettings

He of course got first place but the person who was second only had like 130 points. So that shows how good Unknown is at this game. He likes to push everyone instead of just holding back to get some kills. In my opinion Unknown is the best hybrid player out there.

Introducing NRG UnknownxArmy | Fortnite Hybrid Controller Player ...

Unknown has a lot of earnings and has won quite a few tournaments.

Clash Royale Season 11

This blog will be talking about the new season 11 . Yes, I know that this is an old game and not really a lot of people play it but this game is still really fun to play. Also because this is a mobile game. Clash royale is also free to play.

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Clash royal is developed by Supercell. Supercell had made a few other couple games. Most popular being clash of clans and Brawl stars. Clash Royale first came out in 2017. And now is on there 11th season. This season has brought changes to the game like balancing cards so the game is more fair and fun to play.

Clash Royale: July Update Reveal! Season 1 Gameplay | Pass Royale ...

They only changed some cards. Like the mini Pekka, the dragon, battle healer, goblin cage, tornado, and the royal cage. Hopefully when the full updates come out they release more stuff like game modes and new cards. Also they have a new battle Royale pass. With new emotes.

This season is not actually a update . It’s only a season release. People are saying that the real update will happen in June. The update was supposed to be sooner but the things that are happening in the world has effected this.

Fortnite best mythical weapon.

This blog will be about the best mythical weapon you could get. There are good mythical weapons but there is one that is the best in my opinion. But the best place to drop would have to be the shark. I say that because It looks really cool. And it looks better than all the other mythical POI’s.


People might say that the drum gun or the scar and grappler are the best mythical weapon but I think the best weapon would have to be the mini gun. The mini gun is the best in my opinion because this weapon could spray through walls allowing you to get a health advantage on your opponent. But getting this weapon is really hard. You have to go thorough a lot of guards and eliminate the boss brutes.

Fortnite Season 2 Map Changes: Agency, Shark, Rig, Grotto ...

So that is my favorite weapon to use in Fortnite. That’s all for today and see you soon.

Why Fortnite is dying.

This blog will be about how a popular game is getting boring. So the first thing everyone who is a good fortnite player is staying that skill based matchmaking is ruining the game. They say that becasue everyone they go against is playing that game 24/7. Which is really annoying for them.

Fortnite Interactive Map - LootLake.info

The second reason the game is dying is because of the current map. This map has no good places to land. All the new POI’s are horrible. The only good place to land is Pleasant Park. If they brought back the old map all the og players will like it. Also more weapons would be good.

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The last reason why this game is dying because there is a lot of competition of other games. Meaning that valiant and Call of duty war zone is taking players from fortnite to their games. The games also pays players who play fortnite to come and play their game.

The best thing about the Travis Scott Concert.

This blog will be about concert that happened in Fortnite. This concert happened yesterday. It was the best event in fortnite so far. The cool thing about this event was how Travis was a huge guy.

Fortnite x Travis Scott event: how and where to watch the ...

The best part of the concert was when you could jump on the ocean. This was the best part because you could see Travis from any angle. Another cool part was when everything turned dark and Travis was glowing. That had to be the coolest part. Also the concert was like 20 minutes long.

Fortnite's Travis Scott Concert Was A Stunning Spectacle And A ...

All the songs they played were my favorite. The way he came on to the concert was cool. He came in a spaceship. But at the end of the concert everyone thought that the old map was going to come back because of the butterfly.

Fortnite live concert today.

This blog will be about the Travis Scott concert happening today. The location will be near the shark and sweaty sands. In one of the islands.There are also five big gold heads if you want to go see the concert.

Fortnite' Travis Scott Concert: Dates, Venue Location And How To ...

There are free gifts if you attend the concert. You get a glider and two backgrounds. I think the concert will be about 20 minutes long. The time in the US would be 7pm est. This is going to be a amazing concert and probably the best event in Fortnite.

Fortnite: Travis Scott leaked skins and Astronomical challenges ...

The stage is probably ready now for the concert. So if you want to get in the event you should get on earlier so you have a better chance than other people. Also if you can’t make it you can watch from your favorite streamer.

That’s all for today’s bog and i’ll see you next time.

Rarest skin you can get in Fortnite.

This blog will be about the rarest skin you can unlock this season. It is the gold peely. The reason is becasue the more you level up the more your battle pass skins get gold. And the highest level is 300. When you reach level 350 your skin gets all gold. Only a few people in the whole world have this skin.

This is my favorite gold skin because this skin is a gold banana. which in my opionion is really funny. Because of the level this skin would be the rarest skin to get in this season. I am only on like level 165. Which is pretty good for a decent player.

Also when you reach level 300 you can unlock a new type of banner. I would always wear that because no one will have that banner if you join someone else party. It is a cool type of banner. And it would go with any type of color you have on your banner.