What happened to Fortnite ?

This blog will be about what happened to fortnite. So Epic games recently decided to added more Ai bots into battle royale for people who are not that good. But they have been added to people who are really good at the game.

Fortnite Logo Stock Illustrations – 44 Fortnite Logo Stock ...

So Sypherpk a content creator who is really good at the game caught on to this. He got a type of app that allows him to see how many real players they are in the game. To surprise there was only 11 real players. Meaning there were 89 Ai bots. Then other you tubers/streamers started to see that there were more bots then real players, So they removed skill based match making for the most of the lobby being Ai bots.

SypherPK Face Reveal - YouTube

But this was like last week, but now they have added SBMM and reduced the Ai bots. Now Sypherpk who started this is getting the blame for it. I don’t think that is right because he was just trying to make the game more fun with real players.

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