Clash Royale Season 11

This blog will be talking about the new season 11 . Yes, I know that this is an old game and not really a lot of people play it but this game is still really fun to play. Also because this is a mobile game. Clash royale is also free to play.

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Clash royal is developed by Supercell. Supercell had made a few other couple games. Most popular being clash of clans and Brawl stars. Clash Royale first came out in 2017. And now is on there 11th season. This season has brought changes to the game like balancing cards so the game is more fair and fun to play.

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They only changed some cards. Like the mini Pekka, the dragon, battle healer, goblin cage, tornado, and the royal cage. Hopefully when the full updates come out they release more stuff like game modes and new cards. Also they have a new battle Royale pass. With new emotes.

This season is not actually a update . It’s only a season release. People are saying that the real update will happen in June. The update was supposed to be sooner but the things that are happening in the world has effected this.