Apex season 5 trailer has been released !!!!!

This morning Apex released they’re new season 5 laugh trailer. The official release for the son will bee may 15. So about in 10 days. The new legend is the little girl from the last season if you did not catch on already. She wants revenge from relevant becasue he killed both of her parents. No one knows why relavent killed her parents but it might be something big.

Apex Legends™ Season 5 – Fortune's Favor

So the new season character is called lobe. It looks like her ability is that she can teleport. I don’t know if that will be the main ability but it looks like it will be a side ability. I don’t know much about this season becasue they only released the trailer so this is a short blog.

New Apex Body Shield

Image result for evo shield apex no copyrght

The new update in Apex Legend is DOPE. They have added a new type of body shield. It is called the Evo Shield. The Evo Shield is cool because once you take damage your shield gets upgraded. Example: If you just got a Evo shield and a enemy is shooting at you, then from gray shield you would get blue shield. And then so on. Then it stops at the red body shield.

Image result for evo shield apex no copyrght

I think that this is really op and this should be taken away form the game. They also should make this shield harder to find so the game is more fair.