Rarest skin you can get in Fortnite.

This blog will be about the rarest skin you can unlock this season. It is the gold peely. The reason is becasue the more you level up the more your battle pass skins get gold. And the highest level is 300. When you reach level 350 your skin gets all gold. Only a few people in the whole world have this skin.

This is my favorite gold skin because this skin is a gold banana. which in my opionion is really funny. Because of the level this skin would be the rarest skin to get in this season. I am only on like level 165. Which is pretty good for a decent player.

Also when you reach level 300 you can unlock a new type of banner. I would always wear that because no one will have that banner if you join someone else party. It is a cool type of banner. And it would go with any type of color you have on your banner.