How to get easy wins.(Fortnite)

This blog will be about how to get easy wins in Fortnite. So the way to do this is get a squad or one person and make sure they are a lower level than you. Then make sure the lower level is the leader of the party you guys are in. And that’s all for this blog. I know this was short but I did not have any idea what to write about.

Helicopters in FORTNITE.

Yeah, Fortnite has added helicopters in the game. I have drove one and it is cool. You can see the whole map and shoot people from the sky. It comes in different places and I think it has a %100 percent spawn rate. It has almost 2000 health but is easy to shoot down.

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In my opinion this vehicle is cool, overpowered, and balanced at the same time. Thank god that this vehicle has no rockets. If it did I would not like this game.


Of course everyone knows about COVID-19 by now. It has spread so much and effected lots of cities. For example every school in California has been shutdown because of this virus. So now I am at home trying to write some blogs and getting bored stting home.

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Because all I can do is sit home watch TV or play video games.

New Schedule For Blog Posts.

Hey, this blog post is about my new schedule I have for posting blog posts. So I use to post blog posts Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. Now I post EVERYDAY. I kind of like this because it keeps me busy in my class. I also don’t like because it is hard to find ideas for blogs.

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So this blog was just tell you guys what happening with this website. And I will update you guys if anything changed.

CoD new Warzone.

CoD has a new game mode called Warzone. And was released on march 10,2020. You an play it on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The game is a part of the 2019 title Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but does not require purchase of it. The good think is that it is fast pace game.

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Worst Fortnite SMG.

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This blog will be taking about the worst smg in fortnite. In my opinion the worst smg in Fortnite is the Rapid fire smg. The reason I say that this is the worst smg is because it runs out of the clip really fast. Also it doesn’t do that much damage. But the only positive thing about the is weapon is the speed. It shoots really fast and rapidly. So, it does stand up to its name.

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Happy Glass

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Happy Glass is a iPhone and Samsung game. It was created in 2018 and released by Racing Sports Games Studio, Lion Studios, CrazyGames. You don’t need WiFi for this game either. The reason I chose this game was because it is really fun on road trips. Also you would need to use your brain on some of these levels.

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One thing I like of the glass is when it makes that face. So if you haven’t got this game on your phone, then you should get it.

New Apex Body Shield

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The new update in Apex Legend is DOPE. They have added a new type of body shield. It is called the Evo Shield. The Evo Shield is cool because once you take damage your shield gets upgraded. Example: If you just got a Evo shield and a enemy is shooting at you, then from gray shield you would get blue shield. And then so on. Then it stops at the red body shield.

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I think that this is really op and this should be taken away form the game. They also should make this shield harder to find so the game is more fair.

New explosive Weapon in Fortnite.

Fortinte has a new update and has added a new explosive. They are called proximity mines. They are blue rarity and they come in stacks of 3. The way they work is when an enemy comes near your mine they jump up and activate. They each do 50 damage. There are also cool ways you can use this mine.

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In my opinion, this is a balanced weapon and can be really effective as well. That’s all for today’s blog and see you later.

The best feature in Fortnite

Fortnite has a new season and has added some new features. This blog will be talking about my favorite feature of this season. The new feature is where you go in a port a potty and it takes you to a different location.

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They are in many locations. All over the map. There are so many that I don’t even know about. The reason I chose this feature because it is really funny and you can do a lot of tricks